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It's halloween 0

It’s halloween

Cultura e “colore” alla “G .Gramsci” Festa di colori alla ”G. Marconi”. I bambini delle classi prime hanno ricordato con maschere e simboli di” Halloween” questa tradizione anglosassone ormai diffusa in tutto il mondo....

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Gramsci school at the EXPO in Milan

Great experience for the Gramsci students. In the second  week  of  October  The students of terza media had the  great opportunity of visiting the international exposition in Milan. They went by fast train and spent an...

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Movie vision at Scuola Media Gramsci

Welcome to our “Language in action” section. The foreign teachers of Scuola Media Gramsci are pleased to introduce the main activities of the school year 2015/2016. It’s not just a list but the proposal...